September 2017

Is this a flooring game changer?

Nothing short of an outstanding flooring innovation – ‘Registered Emboss’, also known as EIR (Embossed In Register), is a brilliant new manufacturing method that creates a surface grain texture which is accurate to the wood grain print on the plank! Flooring manufacturers are constantly striving to recreate natural materials in a solution better suited to modern lifestyles and all budgets. As beautiful as real wood is sometimes the price, or higher maintenance levels, are just not right for the job in hand. Registered Emboss is now helping bridge the gap... Read More

5 Great flooring tips to make your HMO look, feel and sound better than the competition!

Ok so let’s get this misconception out of the way immediately. Every day when I’m at work and spending time in our trade counters I hear “I want cheap flooring as it’s only for a rental property!” This is a BIG mistake landlords make, especially if you like making money and if you like sleeping at night! Why? Read on… I’ve been a property investor for 15 years now and I adopted this same bad attitude up until around two years ago. Even though I own a wholesale flooring business... Read More